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We believe the best way to learn is to do

Our hands on kits will make that possible.

Projected Availability: August 2020

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Get excited. begin as an explorer. Gain experience. become an expert.

Our kits will help you every step of the way through online resources, clear protocols, and opportunities for hands-on training.

Each project will teach you more about engineering biology and help you realize how far you've come.


Get excited about biology with our simple and easy to use demonstration kits. Perfect for the classroom or a rainy day at home.


Explore by learning fundamental techniques by genetically engineering bacteria to change colors.


Gain experience and take your knowledge to the next level by solving a problem or by creating something tangible.


Become an expert by answering your own questions using a standardized biotechnology tool kit.

Our kits bring cutting edge biology to your classroom, lab, and home.

use our kits to:

discover your passion

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Explore careers in biotechnology