About us

BioXperience was born because we truly believe we can make a difference: and you can too.

We were curious

Everyone grew up asking why. We never stopped.

While we studied at Utah State University, we realized that the incredible biological tools we used were inaccessible to educators in the classroom. Low budgets, lack of equipment, and limited training made it difficult for passionate teachers to inspire their students with cutting edge science. We decided to change that.

We were inspired

By teachers, mentors, and other innovators.

So now we are trying to give back. Based in Northern Utah, we aim to provide experiences with biology to people who are just like us: curious.

We hope to shape the lives of explorers of all ages by supporting discovery everywhere: science fair projects, classroom laboratory experiences, field excursions, and even experiments to do at home with your kids on a rainy day.

WE explored

Now we are exploring the edge of a new frontier.